Secrete Smurf village in Spain

Surprisingly, smurf village is not in Belgium ,insteadly, hidden in Spain, w! Visiting smurf village wasn’t on my plan during the trip in Andalusia, Spain. On our driving way to Ronda from Marbella,  we discovered this little Smurf blue village called Juzcar.

Instagrammable Café in Helsinki

We all know Scandinavia is famous for its design heritage characterised by its simplicity, minimalism and functionality.
While, Cafe is probably the most accessible place to explore Scandinavian aesthetic. They are all instagrammable.

48 Hours in Warsaw

If you ask me whether Warsaw is enough for a weekend trip, I would say YES-You can enjoy the most of your 2 days with tasty food,rich culture and eventful history. But if you ask me 48 hours is enough for Warsaw? My answer is NO. What Warsaw can offer you is more than you can expect. If possible, please leave at least 3 -4days to this city which you may think it has not too much left after the heavily destruction during World War II.