48 Hours in Warsaw

If you ask me whether Warsaw is enough for a weekend trip, I would say YES-You can enjoy the most of your 2 days with tasty food,rich culture and eventful history. But if you ask me 48 hours is enough for Warsaw? My answer is NO. What Warsaw can offer you is more than you can expect. If possible, please leave at least 3 -4days to this city which you may think it has not too much left after the heavily destruction during World War II.

Town Hall Square

I would be still excited to share with you what my Warsaw 48hours was like and some useful tips.

Old Town: Take you back to Medival ages

The old town,a must-visit spot,had retained much of its charm thanks to the reconstructure after 1945.You can’t image what it was like after being entirely damaged by the bombs of German Luftwaffe. But now, you can see beautiful churches, a range of restaurants and bars, defensive walls, Renaissance and Baroque facades and the traditional pieces of Poland in Warsaw. FollowingKrakowskie Przedmieście( a famous street),you will pass by many colouful buildings then reach to Plac Zamkowy (the Palace Square) where Royal Castle stands.Turn left and go further, you will find Rynek (the Town Hall Square) where you will see the Mermaid symbolizing the town.

Palace Square

The best thing I would recommend you to do in Old town is to walk around those small streets then pop into a Polish restaurant. You will be surrounded by the streets featuring with medieval architectures. There are some symbols and drawings you will find on the wall of those buildings. You may have no clue with those patterns but it definitely let your imaginations transport back to the Medevial ages.

Old Town

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Zapiecek: The polish restaurant you shouldn’t miss

I don’t normally pick a chain restaurant during my trips ,but Zapiecek is the exception and I surprisingly went there twice during one day. If you ask me where it is, Don’t worry. You can find it everywhere. As I remembered ,there are at least two Zapiecek in old town and one on Nowy Świat street. You can find traditional polish dishes,drinks and sweets on their menu. Pierogi(Polish dumping) is the highlight of my meal and you should never miss that. They are made by wrapping pockets of unleavened dough around a savoury or sweet filling. This was my first time to try sweet dumpling which was filled with strawberry and splashed with vanilla sauce. That is such a cool thing for a Chinese like me as dumpling is alway savoury and filled with meat since we knew dumpling when we were young.

Dumpling at Zapiecek

In terms of drink, the interesting phenomena in Poland is they like to drink tea being companied with vodka or rum. I suppose it may keep you warm in the winter. There is one drink I would also recommend called Compote.Compotes are drinks prepared of fruits – usually fresh, sometimes dried. Sugar is added and sometimes cloves are used as a spice.A glass of compote is typical dinner drink in many Polish homes. That was so good to have a pot of compote during the winter in Warsaw.

Fruit Tea with Rum

Address: Świętojańska 13, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

Opening hours:11am-11pm

Warsaw Uprising museum: There is a spirit called Polish spirit

I thought I might burst into tears when I walked out of this museum as that’s exactly what I did after visiting 911 museum in New York. But when I got out of the museum, I carried stronger feeling with respect to this country and the people and so impressed with Polish spirit.This museum traces the history of the city’s heroic but doomed uprising against the German occupation in 1944.There was one sentence I saw in the museum quite impressive: It is easy to be Poles, hard to live ,harder to die and hardest to survive. Yes!They lost the battle but they won the war. The brave Polish resistance of freedom and strength of the Polish spirit have carried till now,which eventually helped overthrow Communism and secure Poland’s status as a free country.The aftermath for the Poles continued until 1989 and the scars on the face of Warsaw are still visible today.

Warsaw Uprising Museum


Address:00-844, Grzybowska 79, Warszawa, Poland

Opening hours : 8am/10am-6apm Tuesday closed

Fryderyk Chopin Museum: the most interactive museum I have ever been

I am not a particular music enthuisist so Chopin museum wasn’t supposed to be on my list if my visit was only 48 hours. But, I changed my mind after having an artistic experience of high quality in this museum. I would definitely recommend you to have a look. Touted as one of the most high tech in Europe, this four-floor museum features an interactive style and shares Chopin’s life. The interesting part is you will be distributed a micro-chipped ticket that can be swiped along different interactive exhibits to allow the visitor to hear stories,music or watch a film. Then you will enjoy the audio-visuals, e-books, music games and touchscreen during the visiting. So you can customise what you want to see based on your own needs by innovative forms.

Chopin’s Last Piano

Address: Pałac Gnińskich, 00-368, Okólnik 1, 00-368 Warszawa, Poland

Opening hours :  11am-8am Monday closed

Museum visiting tips:  Museums in Warsaw are free-entry on Sunday. I didn’t spend a penny on museum visiting but absorbed so much knowledge. 

If any questions regarding Warsaw, please use the contact page to give me a note.For more timely updates, please find me on Instagram.



  1. Love this! I was in Warsaw just this April and I also ate at Zapiecek, getting the compote drink as well. Didn’t go to the Chopin museum, but perhaps next time. Thanks for sharing your adventures!


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