The New ideas for non-first time Paris visitors

Hey ,first-time Paris visitors! Please don’t feel offended if you read this title. It doesn’t mean first-time Paris visitors can’t read this article. This is because Paris has so many classic tourist attractions which are worth spending time with: waiting the Eiffel Tower lights twinkling,shouldering your way through the crowd among those Parisian buildings,watching a show in Moulin Rouge,etc. There are so many cliché also classic things to do in Paris.  After I have been to Paris so many times, I am still doing some first-time visitors things. So If you are looking something new in Paris, hope this article helps.

Lost at Le Marais
Le Marais,on the right bank of the Seine, is my most familiar area in Paris as I went there at least once a year for shopping. YES! I went to Paris for their winter sales every January ,then Le Marais is my ultimate destination. Le Marais is an area that needs patient exploration,which is stuffed with boutiques,vintage stores,restaurants,bars, bookshops and galleries – even its museums are cool, from the excellent Musée Picasso to the iconic Centre Pompidou. You can do everything from shopping, eating to museum visiting in one area. Sounds cool?


L’As du Fallafel, it has been recommenced by everywhere, but I still want to recommend.It is the best falafel I’ve tasted. If you see a long queue , that it is. The falafel comes with side-dishes as grilled eggplant, coleslaw and various sauces.

Address: 34 rue des Rosier 75004 Paris

Take a French cooking class

I began to take cooking class during my trip since last year. I am a culture sponge and believe food is always something closest to the culture.  I had been taking classes at Barcelona, Seoul and Paris. The experience were all so impressive.  I found Allision on vizeat, which is a website similar to airbnb by offering cooking classes/gourmet experience in different cities. But actually , there are many cooking class options on Tripadvisor as well. Allision is an American but she has been living in Paris for more than 10 years so communication was definitely not a problem and also she introduced some culture difference between France and hers. The cooking class was mainly about she showed us the cooking step by step and we also had the hands-on trial. The cooking class was 3 course one. It may take you from 30 mins to 1 hour to eat but it also takes the chef 3 hours to cook.  So don’t complain about why French dishes are so expensive. You will know the reason after you take the class.

Three courses menu:

Starter: Celery root soup with blue cheese / Soupe de celéri au bleu

Main course: Pan-roasted duck breast with cherries/ Magret de canard aux cerises

Dessert: Belle Hélène pears with crumble / Poires Belle-Hélène en crumble


Have a lunch in the Sex and The City set 

The Kong restaurant was given a boost in popularity when it was featured on the famous Sex and The City series, where Carrie meets Aleksandr Petrovsky’s ex-wife.You will be impressed with its glass top indoor roof terrace and quirky ceiling and chairs, also the waitresses in sexy clothes walking in sky-high stilettos. It is situated on the 5th and 6th floor of the Kenzo building in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris overlooking the Seine River and Pont Neuf Bridge. The view is amazing and unique. But as most the reviews said, food is bland and I’ve had better food somewhere else with the same price. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting to visit Kong for the view and decor especially if you are a big fan of Sex and The City.

Sex and the City Scene: Image from Google


img_8804Kong restaurant address : 1 Rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris,


Order a bottle of wine on the rooftop Paris at night

Nothing is more romantic than sitting on the rooftop bar and overlooking the night in Paris with a bottle of red wine. Such a chill-out moment in the summer night. I have to confess the only rooftop bar I went in Paris is the one on Penuinsula hotel. The view is just quite general although you can see the Eiffel tower. The reason I went to Penuinsula is that it is just next to Hotel Raphael where I went ever time I visited Paris in recent 2 years and tried to get up to their renowned terrace but unfortunate it was always closed every time I visited. If you search the pictures of Hotel Raphael on google , I bet you will be impressed as me with their breath-taking view. I also did some research with Paris rooftop bars and you can find them as below for your interest. Hotel Raphael Terrace and Maison Blanche are on top of my list. How about yours?


You may heard a famous quote from Samuel Johnson: When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. I would say if a man is never tired of Paris, he will always be in love.


If any questions regarding Paris, please use the contact page to give me a note.For more timely updates, please find me on Instagram


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