Secrete Smurf village in Spain

Surprisingly, smurf village is not in Belgium ,which insteadly is hidden in Spain! Visiting smurf village wasn’t on my plan during the trip in Andalusia. On our driving way to Ronda from Marbella,  we discovered this little Smurf blue village called Juzcar.

Juzcar,one of the small villages located in the beautiful, ,Valle del Genal in the Serrania de Ronda,is the first and only official´smurf town´ in the world, since 2011.  It used to be a small and quiet white village as it is not easily to access. It probably existed before the Moors. But the producer of this animated movie changed the fate of this small village by painting it into bright blue as part of the campaign to promote the smurfs movie. The locals agreed to this temporary project, while the idea went on so well that residents decided to keep this cheerful theme.This change came with an unexpected tourism hit and also helped the local economy.

The film produceer chose this village for its long history and traditions related to mushrooms. Smurfs love mushrooms as a result it was thought that this village would be an ideal place for them. You can also visit Mushroom Museum in Júzcar.

The character of the village still keeps the same since its makeover : that life still flows slowly; people there are still pure and warm-hearted; the streets are still narrow. The traditions and the serene atmosphere creates the charm of a typical Andalusian white village but with a touch of colour. Júzcar was also a weekend destination for nature and rural tourism lovers.

My suggestions for the visiting:

This village actually is quite small then probably you may just leave one morning or afternoon to spend time with. Kids will enjoy there. Since I have been to Chefchaouen nicknamed blue pearl of Morocco, Juzcar didn’t stun me in some sense.But if you are a smurf lover or you have kids. It must be a fun place to chill out and enjoy the rural Spain.

How to get there? Unfortunately only by car
We went there from Marbella and end in Roda. Journey is 50km and will take you about 75 minutes. Take the coastal route from Marbella along the Golden Mile towards San Pedro. Just before the tunnel at San Pedro take the Ronda Road (A-397). Follow the road towards Ronda for about 30 Minutes. You will see a petrol station on your left. Take the left turn just after the petrol station signposted to Júzcar. From here a long and winding road takes you to Júzcar through stunning countryside.

If any questions regarding smurf village, please use the contact page to give me a note.For more timely updates, please find me on Instagram.



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